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Battle Report #2 (22.01.2012)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. I bring you yet another Warhammer 40k battle-report. This one is Daemons of Chaos VS Blood Angels. I have decided to change my army a bit to bring in some close-combat power. The Blood Angels army seems to be composed fairly well, capable of dealing with my monstrous creatures, walkers and infantry, while my army is more concentrated on dealing with infantry. But let's wait and see how it goes. Both armies pack 1850 points of destructive power. While the points are ETC standard, the mission is basic from the rule-book. We rolled for the turn, i won the roll-off and gave the Blood Angels' player first turn. After deployment and mission rolls we ended up with spearhead deployment (aka table corners), the wining conditions are kill-points. Let's take a look at the armies and go straight to the battle.

I decided to bring some changes to my standard army build, and there is a high chance i will keep playing with this one. So what i have changed - i dropped the Daemon Prince, Flamers, Screamers and the Skulltaker. Instead i took 2 units of 10 Bloodletters and a Bloodthirster(btw, as soon as i compose a competitive army list i will make a post on the blog explaining my choices, talking about the units and etc.). The Blood Angels' player brings in this unit composition: Assault Marines squad(2 meltas, power fist), Death Company squad(Thunder Hammer), Furioso Dreadnought (Blood Talons), 2 Predator tanks(laser sponsons, auto-cannon turret on both), Land Raider Crusader, Storm-raven, Assault Terminator squad(some with a pair of Lightning Claws, others are with Shield\Hammer combo), Librarian, Corbulo. So, let us not wait any longer and jump right into the first turn of this game. 

Turn #1 - Blood Angels

After about 5 minutes of thinking and asking for advice, the Blood Angels' player decided to move up his Storm-raven a bit closer to the center and end his turn at that point. There is, actually , not much he could do, my army was not even on the board yet.

Turn #1 - Daemons of Chaos

So, the game started better then i though it would - i actually managed NOT to fail my Daemonic Assault roll. The units that i wanted to see come on first turn did so, making a very promising start. With only the Bloodthirster scattering too far from intended position, i already was dangerously close to my opponents army. After a short phase of running, my units got closer to each-other(and, of course, closer to the Fateweaver) my models ended up in a valid battle-formation. It is fortunate that the enemy had no blast weapons, or this would end up badly.

Turn #2 - Blood Angels

But the real battle is only about to begin. Blood Angels, understanding the danger of letting my Khorn units get the charge, moved up closer to deny me this opportunity, and get the charge themselves. But, first things first - in order to successfully defeat my close-combat army, a simple fight is not enough - they have to do some damage at range first, to weaken my striking force, and grab an advantage. For now my opponent moves up his units, while the Predators still keep at distance, while providing heavy fire support.

Shooting, oh shooting. It seems that the Blood Angels really hate my Fateweaver. Most of the heavy fire was concentrated on him, while some bolters and other smaller guns tried to harm my Bloodcrushers. It takes more then that though. After all the shots were made, only a single wound on the Fateweaver was the result. The Blood angels shot good, they rarely missed and wounded a lot - it's the Fateweaver's and all the daemons close to him ability to re-roll saves that denied most of the wounds (and possible kills). I didn't fail Fateweaver's leadership roll for taken wound, so i still stand strong, and the fun part was only about to start. The angels decided to keep their distance for a while though - probably my opponent wanted another round of shooting before he gets to charging me.
Turn #2 - Daemons of Chaos

More reserves! Surprisingly, more hard-hitting units came out to say "Hi". Both the Soulgrinders have came out on the icon located in the Bloodcrusher's unit. The Plaguebearers unit decided to hide. You see, i tried to drop them in between the Land Raider and my army, but they ended up scattering in the building in the side, showing me that they do not want to be used as a meat-shield. Other units are moving up to engage the Blood Angels, while staying in close proximity to the Fateweaver.

Shooting phase. Rather running phase. All the close-combat units moved up even closer. Both the Soulgrinders and the Fateweaver tried to shoot down the Storm-raven, but failed awfuly, either failing to hit or to penetrate the armor. No assaults though. My opponent positioned his forces in such a way that there is no way for me to reach him at this point.

Turn #3 - Blood Angels

So, finally we are close enough to deal harm to each other. Blood Angels moved up even closer, anticipating an inevitable assault against my forces. It was inevitable, but we have to wait for a little bit before the epic battle. First things first. As the transports move up they unload their deadly cargo - Terminators, Death Company, Librarian and Dreadnought appear right in front of my forces, priming their weapons to unleash a final volley before charging in to a glorious rampage.

Blood Angels, eager to inflict as much damage as possible, manage to deal some minor damage to the Bloodletters in the back of my forces. But most importantly - a combined fire from both Predators and a Land Raider first immobilize, then totally destroy my blue Soulgrinder. No harm was dealt by the explosion, but now i have only one powerful walker, while on the other hand i wasn't able to deal any damage at all yet.

Blood for the Blood God! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! Finally, after two turns of boring positioning, we got here. A glorious bloodshed has begun, with the Blood Angels charging my forces. As the battle cries are roared and weapons clash, there is no way to say who will be the victor of this battle. And i end up with some minor disadvantages. First being the fact that the Angels got the charge, giving them a powerful advantage, another is that my other Soulgrinder and both Bloodletter squads were left out, forced to stay at least until my assault phase out of the close-combat. When the first blood was shed, and the first casualties were dealt, we found that the forces are almost evenly matched. With a minor loss on the Blood Angel's side, they all made their leadership rolls and saves for fearless wounds.(btw, the building on the left was temporarily removed for easy access to the models in combat)

Turn #3 - Daemons of Chaos

As the fight in the middle goes on, other daemons are eager to join. They really want to spill some Space Marines blood. No reserves had made it to the table though. It is not a big loss - the only units left there are two squads of Pink Horrors, being shooting units they are not very useful in hand-to-hand fight. The Bloodletters and a Soulgrinder move up closer to cover both flanks and provide additional strength to my fighting force. No shooting was made during my turn. The only thing was Soulgrinder running to free some space for Bloodletters near him. Both Bloodletter units charge in, as does the Soulgrinder.(his Fleet special rule came in handy)Casualties. Casualties were a bit painful. Losing his final wounds, the Fateweaver returns back to the warp, as do some of my Bloodletters. The Bloodthirster still stands strong without even a scratch, while all the Bloodcrushers ended up with only one wound left on each. Some Plaguebeares did went down as well. And while i do suffer loses here and there, even more Blood Angels go down, all for the sake and glory of one massive bloodbath. This time, once again, i was the victor in terms of wounds inflicted\suffered. But still, as the last time, Blood Angels stayed in combat.

Turn #4 - Blood Angels

Sneaky little plane. This gets interesting. Understanding that the fight in the middle is going the wrong way for him, my opponent decides to back out all of his forces that are not engaged. Both Predators and the Land Raider move as far as possible and use their smoke-screens. The Storm-raven, on the other hand, moves to an opposite table edge, preparing to deal maximum amount of damage to my forces as soon as they finish this fight. And, once again, no shooting was done as there are no not engaged units from my side.
As the close combat continues, more and more fall. But now we can see one side getting the upper hand in this.

Turn #4 - Daemons of Chaos

And now, finally, the epic blood shed has ended with the Daemons victory, but the battle is not over yet. There are still a lot of Blood Angels left on the battle-field, and there are a lot of things to be done. But for now, as the Daemons got rid of their close-combat enemies, they consolidate towards different targets - all but the Soul Grinder move closer with most of the enemy forces, while the 'Grinder goes after the Storm-raven.

Turn #5 - Blood Angels

None of the Angels dared to move closer to my forces, they did try to shoot, but, apparently they have inherited the shooting abilities of Orks - no wounds, no damage dealt to the Soulgrinder, NOTHING AT ALL! What the ... ? This was somewhat funny, as the marines are supposed to do more that this. Anyway, this was pretty much the Blood Angel's turn 5, nothing too interesting and\or exciting to talk about sadly.

Turn #5 - Daemons of Chaos

Finally my last two units came out of reserves. The bigger unit of Pink Horrors with a changeling appeared in front of my forces guided by the icon, while another one decided to play a little joke. I wanted to deal damage to the last Assault Marines squad over there, so i was over-zealous, and deep-stroke my horrors in a very close proximity to them. My daemons ended up scattering and falling on the squad they were supposed to shoot at. Mishap result - destroyed. Well, that's a fail suicide. Other that that - everyone's moving up. There are two major targets that i have to destroy - the Land Raider and the Storm-raven. Let's see how well it goes.

Almost no shooting was done in this turn. Most of the units used this phase for the purpose of running, or stayed still to assault their targets. The Soulgrinder assaulted the Storm-raven, unfortunately failing to do more than scaring the crew a little bit. On the other side of the table the Bloodthirster has filled himself with my hate of Land Raiders, and managed to immobilize it. If i'm able to remove these vehicles out of the picture i will be in a massive lead.

Turn #6 - Blood Angels

And the game continues! Blood Angels are desperately trying to score as many kill points as possible. While the Predator tanks are standing far from the main scene of action(while still being in range of their weaponry) the Assault squad moves closer to eliminate as many of my units as possible. On the far back of this little battlefield , the Storm-raven moves 6" away from my Soulgrinder, making sure that it can't hit it in this assault phase, while still keeping his ability to fire all the weapons.

There was not much shooting coming my way, and even less damage. The Storm-raven unloaded it's entire arsenal(las-cannon, multi-melta, 4 missiles) against my Soulgrinder failing to do anything. That's right, it's not easy to damage a daemonic vehicle. Assault squad shot it's pistols and meltas at the Bloodthirster, managing to wound him once. The assault was a bit more interesting - Assault Marines charged at the Bloodthirster and one of the Bloodletters squad. I decided to direct all of the Bloodthirster's attacks at the Land Raider, resulting in it's explosion, the Corbulo inside has failed his leadership test and gone to ground. The Bloodletters were, sadly, wiped out. I lost combat. but managed to save the fearless wounds on the Bloodthirster.

Turn #6 - Daemons of Chaos

Let us move forth! Towards future victories! While the Bloodcrushers moved to assist the Bloodthirster, second Bloodletter squad, Pink Horrors and Plaguebearers started to slowly move towards the Predator tanks in the corner. The cowards though that they could hide forever. The Soulgrinder tried to shoot down the Storm-raven, but the blast marker scattered far away, making assault the only option.
Bloodcrushers charged into the rest of the Assault Marines while Soulgrinder attempts to, once again, bring down the Storm-raven. The result was fantastic - the Storm-raven finally went down with a "Bang!", and the Assault Marines were wiped out, finally giving my Greater Daemons of Khorn ability to move towards other targets.

The game ended at turn 6 with a massive advantage for the Daemons. This is, to say the least, my first full victory, against a good army as well. We enjoyed this game a lot. And i hope you enjoyed this battle report. Leave your comments about the battle report, armies, tactics and etc. Tell me how you would've behaved in this scenario, or what improvements my army needs. Thanks for your attention, and good luck to you.

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