Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog, my army, personal thoughts and all that good stuff.

Hello there ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this, let's just say, personal message from me to you. A quick warning - this is not a battle report, so if you are not interested in reading through my thoughts, army update, blog problems and other, you can skip this. I don't want to waste your precious time. The reasons are - firstly, i wanted to give you guys a little update about what i am doing, and secondly, i was unable to visit my local gaming club this weekend, well, you know, family stuff. If you decided to stay with me, then let's begin.

Personal thoughts, army updates and blog weirdness.

First of all, i want to say "Big, mighty Thank You" to all of you. This blog exists for about a month, and i have already got a total of 130 views. As far as i'm aware, each day i get from 2 to 9 views. I, personally, thought that this crap will not be noticed for a month or two. Oh well, i can't complain. Once again, thanks to all the people who are actually reading my blog. I'm not getting any comments and feedback telling me about quality of my blog, but i can't ask for too much at this point.

Now, a bit about the blog itself. First of all, for some reason my first post disappeared. It contained my first army list, my plans for the future, and some other stuff i can't remember now. Anyway, the reason is unknown and i was unable to restore the post(and i didn't make a back-up copy of it).I have already made back ups of all the battle-reports, and this post, and any one after this one. Should any posts disappear again, i should be able to easily put them back where they belong. I'm sorry if this made any awkward moments when reading through my battle-reports(i did mention the "First post" a lot, because it contained my original army list).

Blog content. Nothing to say here so far. I will keep on making battle-reports, i will try to increase their number each week though. But for now this is all there will be. You see, the Warhammer 40k 6th edition rules will come out very soon, so making any tactics posts is pointless - the strategies will change very soon. As for transferring from pictures\text posts to videos, i am working on this, as i should be able to buy a video-camera this year("this year, eh?" sounds "promising", i know, but i am working on making this happen as soon as possible)

Army. I was told, and i was told this many times, that i have to change my army list. I play in a very competitive environment, almost every player in the club i play is somehow a championship player. Most of the players have highly competitive armies, and, obviously, i am no match to them(except for the newbies like me).  So this means that my army list will evolve over time into something better, stronger and just not as disgraceful as this. I will post my army lists at the beginning of every battle-report, rather then say "look at post ...". I will probably bring different units at most battles to test different combinations.

"All that good stuff" ... wait, what?!

So, this will be a little ending to this little post of mine. Leave your comments, ratings and "all that good stuff". Tell me what you want my battle reports to be like, what my army should be like and etc. For now, i leave this picture of my entire Warhemmr 40k model count. It's not much, i'm sure that many people have a lot more to show, and in a better quality. But for now i am sot of stuck with what i have. Anyway, thanks for you attention, i am Ursa06, and good luck to you.

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