Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Battle Report #5 (11.03.2012) (Fail Report)

Ladies and gentlemen! This is Ursa06, bringing you yet another Warhammer 40k battle-report(sorta). Daemons of Chaos against the Space Marines. But, not just some space marines, we are talking about the Iron Hands chapter. The army is partially converted, and not fully painted, but the initial idea, combined with some beautiful painting already done makes this an awesome army to play against, i also enjoyed taking photos of these beautiful models!
Now, you might see that there is something ... let's say... weird about the name of this post. You probably saw the "Fail report" over there. Let me explain - i like making battle-reports, and i love writing them and analyzing what i have done and also thinking about what i might have done. But i'm not just doing it for myself(if it was only about me, i wouldn't need a blog) , it is also about the people who read this. It is about shoving the game, as well as the possibilities and the hobby itself. But there are some battles that just ... let's say, dont deserve to be a full battle-report. The reasons behind that could be different, but mostly it would be bad played game(one side having a massive advantage compared to the another, poor dice-rolls) or it could be the game that were never fully finished (various reasons possible). In these kind of battle reports, there won't too much of a battle to report, because it just won't be interesting for anyone to read.
But, i should post something interesting. So, this will be a post, talking more about my opponents army. It's appearance, play-style and etc. So, without further adue, let's get right to it. Iron Hands, not an actual codex, but played using the standart Space Marine codex. Let's take a look at the models first.

Iron Hands - Models

Do i even have to say anything here? Seriously? Let's take a look at this step by step. Starting from the photo on the bottom-left we see a squad of assault terminators. Some of them are equipped with a pair of lightining claws, the others pack a thunder hammer and a storm shield. Now take a close look at the terminators themselves. most of them do look like you would imagine a Iron Hand space marine to be - their limbs were removed and replaced by servo-arms. If you are still unaware, the Iron Hands chapter is crazy about an idea of mechanical body (just like Adeptus Mechanicus). So, while most of the new recruits start with some small augmentations, the chapter's most ancient and powerful warriors would probably only have one organic part in their body - the brain. Everything else would be replaced with more effective (or at least, this is what they think) mechanical limbs and mechanisms. But let's not get off-topic here. This models show, just how much possibilities there are to such standard things as space marine terminators.
Now, let's take a look at the vehicles. At the upper-left and right pictures we can see the armored parts of my opponent's army. Starting from the amazing dreadnought. In front is you is a venerable dreadnought, who probably used to be a tech-marine. At least, this is what he looks like. When i first saw him, i had a bit of mix of thoughts. On the first thought he looks a bit silly, but on the other hand, the beautiful conversion (and, of course, a great imagination of it's author) makes this one stand out as a strange technological masterpiece (also, is you though at first that this is actually an orkish vehicle, then you are not the first). Unfortunately, it is not painted yet.... or maybe the conversion is not even over, we shall see.
And, last but not least, the Land Raider and a Drop Pod (not the purple one, we had to use it as the second one, because the player didn't bring his own). From the start you may see that they don't look like normal models. Trust me, these are normal Land Raider Crusader and Drop Pod models, but with the addition of lots of different bits, imagination and nice paint-jobs(and, you can't see it from the pictures, but the Land Raider's doors are opening, and the inside is also nicely painted).
I think that we should not forget about the other units in the army. I will throw some additional pictures here.

Well, i hope that this little post of mine had granted you more inspiration, shoved you the possibilities of converting an army .... and, well .... it's all thanks to my poor dice rolls that you don't get a full battle-report today. I'm sorry, i really am, but unfortunately i think that this kind of failure that happened during the battle simply doesn't deserves to be posted on the internets.

Anyway, thank you for your attention, this was Ursa06, and goog luck to you.

P.S. trust me, me rolling ones and twos most of it is not worth your time.

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