Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where are the Battle-reports?

Hi guys. I know, i haven't updated my blog in some time, and i'm sorry. I know that i didn't had too much content here to begin with, and i abandoned the idea of battle-reports. But did i really decided to stop ? Not exactly. I just took a break to re-think my position about my blog, and about my battle reports. To be a bit more specific, i waited till i learned the game better, and till i get myself new miniatures(coming soon, trust me, very soon)

And so this blog will live on. Not only i will post battle-reports, i will also start posting tactics, strategies, thoughts about other armies and other kind of interesting info(i'm not sure what it will be yet). So, new posts will appear starting from Monday, and, of course, new battle-reports shall be here in the next weekend (if i get lucky enough, the next battle-report will be tomorrow) Also i'm planning to start posting army updates, conversion ideas and so on(i doubt that i will ever post painting guides, but we shall see) For now, that is all. I hope to get new content as soon as possible.

This Ursa06, thank you for your attention, and good luck to you.

P.S. As soon as i get a good new video camera the blog will go in video-content-only mode. I know i promised it a lot, but you know, sometimes we can't have what we want when we want.

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